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‘Eu-Fai’ New Mother Health Restoration

Eu-Fai (roughly translated as ‘staying in the heat’) is an ancient traditional Thai medicinal program passed on from one generation to the next for centuries as a mean to restore and rejuvenate new mothers back to their healthy stage for their long-term health benefits.


Pregnancy, as we all know, leaves traces of changes on a new mother’s body. Tender breast, strained leg and back muscles, overextended uterus and bladder, fat accumulation as well as hormonal imbalance resulting in dull and uneven complexion and emotional swings are among top visible after-birth conditions among new mothers.


Eu-Fai heals all those, and much more. It has been proved for centuries in the Thai households that mothers who have a Eu-Fai session are much stronger than those without one. Eu-Fai combines herbal healing elements together with Thai traditional wisdom of heated compress and special massages that relax, refresh and rejuvenate the new mothers.


“Eu-Fai, however, must only be performed by a well-trained Thai traditional nurse,” explains Warinda Sirimethachai, registered nurse and manager of Vitheethai Delivery who delivers the treatment to new mothers nationwide. “Because Eu-Fai combines quite a set of strict regimens to improve a woman health, it is important that the nurse really knows what she is doing. Eu-Fai performed by untrained nurse, will be like a mere spa session that can not really heal or restore the health of the new mother like it is intended to be.”


Beginning with a herbal bath of more than 10 local spices and herbs, Eu-Fai’s compress of baked salt clay pot strengthens and gets the mother’s uterus and bladder back into shape. The compress, when applied with the medicinal leaves of ‘plub plung’ or crinum lily, kneads away the leftover amniotic fluid, water retentions, accumulated fat and even stubborn cellulite in the body. Traditional blends of fiery Thai herbs applied right on the tummy works together with the heat compress help toning the muscles, culture breast milk and relax the body muscle.




Herbal steams also helps with possible infections of the wounds while special massage at the pelvic muscles restores the pelvis back into its original shape. Eu-Fai’s also reinstalls the hormonal balance, pacify the possible emotional fluctuation and temperamental shivers that often occur in mothers who did not have a ‘Eu-Fai’ restoration. Mother who gives birth naturally is recommended to have the Eu-Fai session within 7-10 days after the birth while mother with caesarean section should wait until 30-45 days after.


“The above timeframe is also an heirloom of Thai wisdoms,” explains Warinda. “Because it is during those timeframes that the body of a new mother is massively undergoing the restorative transition and that makes Eu-Fai most effective. To reap the maximum benefits of Eu-Fai, a new mother should not wait for too long for the treatment; health should be more important than time in this matter.”



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