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Following are samples of Vitheethai’s traditional Eu-Fai programs for new mothers:


Eu-Fai is recommended to last for at least 5 continuous days for maximum health benefits of new mothers.


Starting with health checkup to verify the health of the new mother, Eu-Fai is not recommended for those with high blood pressure and serious diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

A daily ritual of Eu-Fai includes an herbal bath, hot salt-pot compress, application of fresh and healing plub pleung leaves, fresh herbal balm at the stomach applied with heated compress, massages with fresh sesame oil, pelvic massage, cellulite-busting massage, fresh herbal mask, herbal steams, herbal exfoliation and skin detoxification.

While it is recommended that a new mother should have Eu-Fai for at least 5 continuous days, the longer period of the treatment is always recommended. Both programs featured below include the similar 25-step regimens, but in the 6-hour version, each step of the treatment lasts a bit longer.


Eu-Fai at Vitheethai


Program Rate

Special Promotion
Discount 50%

Free! Naturally detoxifying

A. 4 Days/5 hour-day

11,000 ß

5,500 ß

1 time

B. 5 Days/6 hour-day

15,000 ß

7,500 ß

2 times

C.7 Days/6 hour-day

19,000 ß

9,500 ß

3 times

****(This program is only for Bangkok, Phathumthanee, Samutprakarn and Nonthaburee)****


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