Our professional ‘Eu-Fai’ treatment for new mother has been promoted through the following media

   Thailand’s television channels


   In the Research documents of National Research Council of Thailand  

   Selected by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to promote at World Travel Marker (2008) in the United Kingdom during 10-13 November 2008



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  Rich with Vitamin E, fresh sesame oil can penetrate deep into all skin layers. With a special massage, sesame oil helps wading off leftover fluid, reducing spider veins and enrich the skin.


  10-Herbal belt is a very special Thai traditional wisdom that helps restoring the uterus of the new mother, strengthen her body and prevent her from having occasional shivers and muscle cramps.


  Facial and head massages during Eu-Fai stimulate and relax the nerves and helps reducing migraine and tensed shoulder muscles.


  Freshly ground coffee beans are combined with special herbal recipe to mask and exfoliate the skin, boost up the blood circulation and thus detoxify the body. Its aromatic scents also relax and refresh the mother. Detoxification is usually performed on the last day of your selected Eu-Fai session.



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