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Vitheethai’s Eu-Fai Service for New Mother

Eu-Fai at Vitheethai is performed strictly on Thai traditional recipes of fresh healing herbs certified by the Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine, Ministry of Public Health. The whole session of Eu-Fai must be performed continuously with the following 25 daily steps following the regimens of Thai traditional medicine to restore the health and wellbeing of a new mother.


1. Body & health checkup   
2. Relaxing fresh herbal bath  
3. Body compress with warm baked salt in clay pot

Abdomen compress with fresh crinum lily leaves that help healing the internal wounds

5. Abdomen warm herbal scrubs to help flatten your stomach
6. Herbal scrubs and complexion polishing
7. Warm brick body compress
8. Muscle-relaxing massage (different from other massages)
9. Pelvic bones-restoring massage
10. Cellulite-battling massage
11. Warm brick/charcoal steam (for mother giving birth naturally only for it helps healing the wound)
12. Breast compress
13. Fresh herbal body compress
14. Herbal eye steam
15. Detoxifying herbal steam
16. Herbal body scrubs ridding dark lines caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy
17. Herbal body scrubs ridding dead skin cells


Naturally detoxifying body scrubs made from traditional Thai detoxifying recipes
19. Body cleansing with herbal bath
20. Body skin replenishing massage with fresh, cold-pressed sesame oil
21. Facial acupressure massage
22. Relaxing head massage
23. Relaxing scalp massage
24. Stomach flattening belt (with herbal ‘cigarettes’ worn at your waistline)
25. Herbal drink of ginger


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