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Eu-Fai etiquettes

Please book at least 3 days in advance with information & details on whereabouts, times, dates you need the services

- Mother giving birth naturally can undergo the Eu-Fai session 7-10 days after the childbirth

- Mother with caesarean section can undergo the Eu-Fai session 30-45 days after the childbirth


A meal should be consumed at least 1-2 hours prior to the beginning of each session to allow the stomach to be empty for the massages


Payment should be made in cash and directly to your therapist. Half of the due payment must be settled at the first day and the rest at the last day of the service.
For more information, please call T: 02-0381819 or contact Khun Warinda at her mobile T: 086-654-8714, Khun Thanakorn at T: 086-626-5626.


Enjoy Your Eu-Fai!
Warinda Sirimethachai
                Registered Nurse and Manager



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